If you would like guide on board, this has to be ordered when making the booking!

Some of our best suggestions regarding a cruise in the archipelago are as follows:

We pick up your group at the most appropriate dock for you in Gothenburg.

On board is our appreciated seafood buffet laid out by our staff who are longing to make your journey as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

The cruise passes through the Port of Gothenburg and further out towards the Southern Archipelago, on the route you will pass, for instance, the 1600 century New Elfsborg fortress and the regattas outside Långedrag.

Once out in the Southern Archipelago, the tour goes through the narrow passage up to Brännö Island. Further around Känsö with the old quarantine station, and out to the west of Känsö in the open sea, where you can see the silhouette of Vinga Lighthouse. We head further past Vargö and into the popular route "Snobbrännan" on the north side of Styrsö, past Styrsö Bratten with the unique buildings from the early 1900's when Styrsö was Gothenburgs society's premier seaside resort.

We head back to Gothenburg past the summer islands of Förö and Knarrholmen.

Described trip takes 3 hours and can of course be extended by stepping ashore on one of the archipelago's islands. When weather allows you can also have your tour extended, with for example a guidance on Vinga Island's Lighthouse.

You can see our vessels here.

Proposal and prices of what we can serve on board is found under "Menu onboard".

If you wish to combine your cruise with stepping ashore somewhere, and have your food and beverages ashore, we have several restaurants in the archipelago that we can recommend.

We welcome you on board!

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