Börjessons nowadays

Despite its name water taxi, or sea taxi, we today perform very few "taxi" transports. The water taxi service in the archipelago has over the years declined, partly due to more and larger private boats, frequent public transport, and that our boats through this development has become larger, more technologically advanced and hence more costly. That is why we no longer have the taxi service.

Börjessons water taxi & charter boats currently runs four boats; the passenger vessels "Fjordskär", "Lyrön," the little inflatable boat "Ribskär" to special assignments and the survey vessel R/v "Sensor".
The dominant business is charter with catering and transport of groups to restaurants and destinations along the coast and in the archipelago.
Summer season is of course the most intense period of our business but we would like to point out that with our warm and cozy boats it is perfectly fine to conduct events throughout the year.

The company is run by Henrik Börjesson with his son Olle Börjesson (4th generation), deckhands and waiters.

About 8 people are on average working each day within the company during the summer months.
The company's office is located on Styrsö Tången in the same building as Båtebackens cafe, which is also also taking care of the catering to our boats.


In turn, the company's operation today consists of:

Charters with catering
Transportation of groups
Marine survey missions
Service to the merchant shipping
Service transports

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