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Fjordskär underway

P/F Fjordskär
Charter price: 3300SEK/ hour. + VAT 6%

In sea area E, this vessel can take 73 passengers and maximum 48 people can sit in the saloon, and 15 sitting on the aft deck. Up to 38 people can dine in the saloon.
Fjordskär has waterjet operation, a cozy saloon and a small aft deck.

Length: 16 meter
Width: 4,07 meter
Weight: 32 gross tonnage
Built in: 1989
Draft: 0,8 m
Speed: 23 knots
Powered by: 2 x Scania DSI 11 73M, waterjet

Fjordskär on her way home to Donsö island
Fjordskär going home

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