Inside Lyrön

P/F Lyrön
Charterprice: Transport 4200 SEK/ hour. + VAT 6%

In sea area E, this vessel can take 148 passengers, and in area D up to 59 passengers. A maximum of 80 persons can sit in the saloon, and about 30 people on the aft / sundeck.
Lyrön is our biggest boat which came to us in year 2005. She's got new environmentally friendly engines from year 2013 (2 x Scania DI13 070M) and a lovely aft deck. Lyrön also has a sound system with microphone and speakers on board.

Length: 29 meters
Width: 5, 7 m
Weight: 95 Gross tonnage
Year built: 1973
Draft: 1, 25 m
Powered by: 2 x Scania DI13 070M
Speed: 16 knots

Lyrön is fully loaded
Lyrön is full

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